Ceramics - Duraboard LD

Possesses the same density and temperature rating as Duraboard RG but is manufactured to a higher dimensional tolerance and has an excellent finished surface.

Insulating backup to dense refractories, brick and castables, furnace hot face linings in ceramic kilns, box furnaces and petrochemical furnaces.
Rigid high-temperature gaskets and seals.
Ideal as a sandwich or core material or for use in the manufacture of components where aesthetics, quality as well as uniformity and performance is important.
Sheet Size
1/8” th. 42x48”; 1/4 & 1/2”th. 24x36,24x48,42,48; 1”th. 24x36, 24x48
16 lb/ft3; 258 kg/m3
Operating temperature
2300°F; 1260°C
Compressive strength
(Green) 42lb/in2 @ 5% deformation
Dielectric strength
27 volts /mil
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